About The Willow Farm


Their answer to the question “conservation vs. productivity” is to have both work in tandem. They have proven their belief that conserving the environment does not preclude productivity, rather the concepts enhance each other. Using time-honored farming practices combined with a strong background in the sciences, Neil and Alix have turned their forty acre farm into an agricultural jewel with several businesses that work in relationship with each other as well as the environment. One of their more creative ventures, The Willow Farm, embraces the motto “we grow it, we make it” and produces products for high end landscape architectural projects using a totally renewable resource: willow.

Balancing old with new, the circle of life that is supported on the Curry’s farm is the result of their action plan. They raise their own livestock including sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, and vegetables. Their passion for animals, horticulture and community is evidenced in their continued and daily effort to keep their impact on local land and resources minimal by modeling businesses which grow in recognition within the worldwide design and architectural community each year.


The owners, Neil and Alix Curry, emigrated from Australia twenty years ago and their farm is the culmination of a business vision driven by the desire to be profitable without compromising ecologically sound farming practices. Early in their marriage, this husband and wife team practiced their knowledge in biodynamic and permaculutre on their blueberry farm in Australia, concentrating on enhancing blueberry production through the use of willows as windbreaks. They moved to America and soon after purchasing their farm in Pescadero in the 1994 they designed farm activities around living in harmony with their surroundings.

Visiting the Farm

We are a closed farm, not open to the public. Meetings, visits, and tours are by appointment only.